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Talent Curve and The Leadership Management Institute


A “Talent Development” Seminar

for Executive Leadership

May 6, 12-2PM at the Slover Memorial Library

The Future Workplace…Engaging Talent

The workplace of the future is being shaped today.  For the first time in history there are five generations in the workplace at the same time.  The marketplace is now global and while many businesses continue to focus on local and regional markets, there is more opportunity than ever for small and mid-size businesses to serve global customers.  However, with the changing workplace comes pressure from employees to create a different type of workspace.

This seminar will teach you how to transform your organization and create a workspace that allows you to compete effectively by super-serving your client and your employee. The workplace of the future is being shaped today.

This workshop will cover the following:

  • Working with multiple demographics
  • How to create an environment that attracts employees from all demographics
  • How to engage employees across all generations and geographies
  • What the future workplace will look like
  • What millennials expect from their workplace
  • The best approach for recruiting, managing and keeping stellar employees onboard

Individual “Team” Development

Your organization is assembled for a purpose. It has a unique culture.  It is made of individuals who bring their independent values, biases and strengths. But your mission is singular. Are your people fully engaged? Is productivity high or mediocre? As leaders and managers, what action have you taken to improve your success with the talents of your current staff?

Building on Session 1, this workshop will cover:

  • How to convert individual potential to active engagement.
  • How to create metrics of team success based on individual goals
  • How to identify team core values and align personal values for stronger teams
  • A successful framework for employee selection, alignment and retention
  • How to drive productivity upward with willing employee participation.

This two-hour Executive workshop includes lunch and is a $29.95 investment for Chamber membership only.  Please register with Paypal.

carlettaAs a Communications graduate of Howard University, Carletta Waddler worked in radio and television, eventually becoming the General Sales Manager and General Manager of major market radio stations. She was one of the first African-American women to run a major market radio station in the United States.

Ms. Waddler was also the owner of Waddler & Associates, an international marketing business. Her responsibilities have spanned from sales to CEO, with significant emphasis on staff development and training for Federal and local business development.  Ms. Waddler currently enjoys the role of VP of Business Development at Talent Curve, LLC. www.talentcurve.com


rich_headWith a background in technology and innovation, following a career in Naval Aviation and senior staff leadership, Richard Moormann has called Hampton Roads home for over 15 years.

Mr. Moormann has led the development of productive teams in numerous defence companies  while investing in the public discourse of sharing ideas through platforms such as TED and Ignite.

Today, he continues his passion for creating effective organizations as the Managing Partner of The Leadership Management Institute, [LMI] www.lmi-hr.com