What We do

We work with business owners and decision-makers who may be struggling with high costs, or low productivity. Together we determine what is already working well and then, we take a look at where the challenges are that might need to be addressed. Then, together, WE develop and implement the appropriate strategies for them to move their businesses forward.

Our methods are based on a tried and true framework of personal leadership skill development which guarantees positive results for everyone who embraces it.lmi-story-img


“I have built numerous companies in the past years, and even I learned a lot. I am taking away lessons that I will be using the rest of my professional career.”

Rob Hegedus [As President/COO, The Broadspere Group]

Current role: CEO Sera-Brynn Cybersecurity

“…A month into the course my management team set a sales goal for the new month of 22% higher than the month before. Realistic goal? With guidance from our course facilitator, Ray Stimson, we increased sales 29%!”

Ron Dunsmoor
General Manager
Colonial Supply Corp.

"LMI's process offered growth for all levels of skills and experience on our supervisory and management team, and built on our existing strengths.

Brian Pollack
V.P., Manufacturing
Toshiba America Consumer Products, Inc - U.S.A.

"LMI's process provided what we needed to transition from a small entrepreneurial operation to an effective mid-size company.”

Ruth Coleman

"Through the developed leadership skills (from the EPL program) I managed to achieve my predetermined goals."

Rika Echteld
Member of Staff of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Suriname

"From the first session of the EPL program I found myself changing in a positive way

Dr. Maaltie Ashim-Sardjoe, M.D.
General Director National Public Health Regional Services

"Oh, I've gained so much from my EPL program that I can write a book on it. Let summarize: Success depends on your desire to reach a goal. You also need belief in yourself, self acceptance, creativity and positive efforts."

Dr. Niemala Hindori-Badrising